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The Zoo Times was founded in December of 2012 by lady Cherokee to solve a problem, the lack of  sites that talk about news about bestiality. After seeing and reading about the Germany passing an act to ban bestiality, lc took action to create a site to inform zoos every where about bestiality related laws that were being passed and to show other news about bestiality such as arrests and things of that nature.
Because the best way to avoid trouble from anti zoo laws is to be informed about them

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COUNTY — A Lunenburg County man was acquitted of a string of domestic abuse charges December 19, including accusations of sexual assault and bestiality.

But as the man’s supporters began to cheer in a Bridgewater courtroom, Supreme Court Justice Richard Coughlan ordered them to be quiet saying acquittal and innocence are not the same thing.

“This is a court of law and people are found not guilty. People are not found innocent of anything. They are found not guilty of the offences as charged,” he said.

The 39-year-old man had been in custody since early this year.

His 18-day trial began in May and stretched on a few days at a time, finally ending with last week’s decision.

He was charged with committing bestiality with a German shepherd and two counts of compelling his former girlfriend to commit bestiality with the same dog.

He was also accused of sexually assaulting her, twice assaulting her with a knife, and threatening to kill her, her father and his ex-wife.

All of the charges alleged dates between January 2008 and August 2010.

There is a publication ban on anything which might identify the woman, which includes the man’s name.

Handing down his decision last week, Justice Coughlan said issues with the woman’s testimony made it impossible to convict her former partner.

Full story  here
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From all of us at the zoo times

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I know its not news but here is an erotic Christmas story about bestiality

Christmas Tail (Pregnant with Puppies) It was a warm spring day as 59-year-old Margaret Hansen sat in her car outside the local animal shelter. Her husband, Frank, had been dead for almost a year; friends and family kept telling her that she needed company at the big rural house where she lived alone.

But it wasn't a need for companionship that brought Margaret to the shelter, it was another need. Reaching under the hem of her dress to her panties, she began rubbing her pussy through the thin material. "I thought menopause was supposed to take this away, not make me even hornier," she said to herself.

Margaret continued to stroke her pussy as her breathing became more rapid and she could feel it happening. She groaned with pleasure as her orgasm hit, soaking the crotch of her panties with her juices. Pushing down her dress, she grabbed her purse and went into the animal shelter.

"We have a few dogs that would be good in the country," the operator of the shelter said. "A couple that is moving dropped off a beautiful Great Dane this morning...has his papers and everything. It would be a shame to have to get him fixed though. If I don't get rid of him soon I'm afraid I will have to."

The dog was big and beautiful. "Can I pet him" Margaret asked, and the man let her into the cage. The Great Dane licked her hand then moved his nose to her cum-soaked crotch. "I'll take him," she said.

Margaret and her new pet, which she found out was named Hamlet, were together for two days before she got up enough nerve to do what she craved so desperately. Stripping out of her clothes, the 59-year-old woman lay crossways on her bed and began to masturbate. Her fingers were wet when she felt Hamlet's nose between her legs.

"Oh God, that feels SOOOO good," Margaret moaned as the Great Dane's tongue stroked her pussy. She was panting and moving her hips with Hamlet's licking motions. Then the dog plunged his tongue into Margaret's pussy and began moving it back and forth. "Oh Lord... I'm cummmiiinnggg," she screamed as she orgasmed.

Hamlet was a gentle dog, Margaret found. She rubbed his belly, fascinated when the tip of his red cock began to come out of its sheath. Timidly she touched it and even more appeared. "It's so big," Margaret marveled. But she still wasn't sure about taking the next step.

A week later Margaret put a pair of socks on Hamlet's front paws then got down on her hands and knees in the middle of her bedroom. Her heart was pounding as the Great Dane put his paws on the middle of her back.

It took three tries before the tip of Hamlet's huge red cock found Margaret's pussy. "OHHHHH, this feels sooo good" she moaned as the doggie cock went deeper and deeper into her. Then she felt the knot pressing against her wet pussy. "UUUUNNNGGHH," she moaned as her pussy felt so very full. Hamlet was stroking faster now, Margaret could feel her orgasm building. Then Hamlet was shooting wave after wave of hot doggie cum into her pussy as she orgasmed again and again.

Once she started, Margaret couldn't stop. She and Hamlet fucked every day throughout the summer and early fall. At the beginning of October, her period didn't come and Margaret thought the menopause has finally taken hold.

About a week before Halloween, Margaret got up and started to make her morning coffee when she suddenly felt so sick she thought she was going to faint. Cupping her hand over her mouth, she dashed to the bathroom, fell to her hands and knees and threw up. The next few mornings she was just as sick. She was taking a shower when she noticed how tender her breasts were. Suddenly her heart was pounding. "No, I can't be. I've only been with Hamlet.....a dog! I can't be pregnant," she said to herself.

Margaret was getting dressed about a week after Halloween when the pair of jeans she was putting on wouldn't reach around her waist. Stripping down to her bra and panties, she stood in front of her dresser mirror and saw the slight bulge in her tummy. Touching it, the spot was hard. "Oh God," Margaret whispered, "I'm pregnant... pregnant with puppies!"

Over the next week Margaret tried to decide what to do. Should she go to her doctor or a veterinarian? No, she was too embarrassed. Should she try to bring on a miscarriage? No, that was too dangerous. The only thing left was to carry the puppies inside her and give birth to them. But she couldn't let ANYBODY know about her strange pregnancy.

Two weeks into November, Margaret had to wear the loosest clothes she could find over her pregnant belly - she figured she looked about four and a half months pregnant. She drove to a shopping mall and nervously bought a couple pair of maternity jeans, a few giant flannel smocks, and a nightgown -- telling the clerk they were for her pregnant daughter. Then she got enough stamps to mail all her bills for the next few months and had the oil tank filled so no one would see her expanding pregnant shape.

Margaret's appetite was suddenly ravenous. She prepared meals big enough to feed a family of four and left only a little leftovers for Hamlet. She was watching television and stroking her swollen stomach when the telephone rang. "Hi mom, sorry we won't be able to make it for Thanksgiving...but Sandy and the kids will be there for Christmas," her son Tom said.

She had been so wrapped up in her strange pregnancy she had forgotten all about the holidays. "Oh God, what if I'm still pregnant then," she worried, "I can't them see me like this."

Thanksgiving was only days away when Margaret woke up feeling unbelievably horny. Moving her hand to her swollen belly -- she now looked about five and a half months pregnant -- she stroked the mound then moved her hands higher to her milk-filled breasts and began fondling them. As always, Hamlet was suddenly there and Margaret moved her knees apart for him.

The Great Dane's tongue was licking her wet pregnant pussy with long strokes as Margaret rubbed her pregnant belly and moved her hips with Hamlets motions. "OH,'re making me cum," she said tossing her head from side to side as orgasms wracked her 59-year-old pregnant body.

A few days after Thanksgiving Margaret realized that she had eaten almost every morsel of food in the house. Her winter coat would barely button around her pregnant puppy-filled stomach and by the time she got to the supermarket she had to pee so bad she could hardly keep from wetting her maternity jeans.

As quickly as she could, Margaret filled the shopping cart with enough food to last hopefully until after she delivered the puppies. She was waiting in the checkout line when she felt movement from inside her as the puppies turned and twisted. She couldn't help move a hand to her coat-covered pregnant mound.

By the second week of December, Margaret looked and felt at least eight and a half months pregnant. Her tremendous puppy-filled tummy was so huge that she could barely struggle out of bed or to stand up and the puppies were always moving inside her, making little bumps in her firm stomach.

Groaning with the effort, Margaret groaned with the effort as she pushed herself out of bed. She was so pregnant it was almost impossible to sleep. Pulling her nightgown back down over her tremendous tummy, she waddled to the bathroom with an urgent need to pee.

She was so large she couldn't get in and out of the shower without risking falling so she gave herself a handbath and then stood in front of the mirror staring at her unbelievable shape. Her once sagging breasts were now as big as cantaloupes and filled with milk. Right below them, her tremendous tummy began rounding outward. Margaret guessed that she had gained at least 35 pounds. There was a dark line running down the middle of her stretched stomach to her pushed-out belly button. "This has to be over soon... it just has to," she said rubbing her stomach.

Christmas was only a week away and Margaret was still hugely pregnant with puppies. Her son, his wife and three grandchildren would be arriving in three days. She just had to think of something. Maybe she could make herself go into labor.

Stripping out of her maternity clothes, Margaret lowered her naked 59-year-old, very pregnant body to her hands and knees. "Come on Hamlet, you're going to have to help me now," she told her Great Dane.

Margaret's pregnant stomach was so large that it touched the floor when the dog put his paws on her curved back and started to stick his doggie cock into her. "Oh God, that feels good" Margaret crooned as Hamlet pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her very pregnant pussy. When his knot was inside her, the dog began long steady thrusts as Margaret moved her hips and the puppies kicked strongly inside her massive pregnant mound. She could feel it happening, her orgasm was building. When it hit and the Great Dane shot his load into her, Margaret was in heaven, but not in labor.

The next morning she woke up with an aching back but that was nothing new. Bending over her tremendous tummy, Margaret fished her feet blindly through a pair of panties and her maternity jeans, then buttoned a smock over her puppy-filled stomach and made her way carefully downstairs.

A few hours later Margaret was watching a talk show when suddenly a strong cramp made her double over her mammoth mound and groan as she felt a release of pressure. There was a wet spot in the crotch of her maternity jeans that kept getting larger and larger. "Oh God... my water broke," Margaret whispered to herself.

Two more cramps came by the time Margaret got out of her wet clothes and into her nightgown. As the morning passed into afternoon, the 59-year-old pregnant woman walked around the house, stopping to lean against something when contractions hit.

It was dark outside when Margaret felt another powerful contraction coming. When it hit her gigantic stomach tightened and she dropped to a crouch as she felt an overwhelming urge to bear down. "It's time, Hamlet," she told her dog, "It's time to have your puppies."

Dropping a pile of towels onto the bed, Margaret gripped her dresser until the contraction eased then stripped out of her sweat-covered nightgown and laid down to give birth. Moving her bent knees wide apart, when the next contraction came, she gave in to the need to push. Three contractions later Margaret felt a hairy head crowning her dilated opening. Bearing down she groaned then grunted as a wet puppy pushed out of her body to lay between her legs. It looked just like Hamlet.

She had just finished cleaning the newborn puppy off when another contraction doubled her over. Margaret placed her hands on her still swollen stomach and pushed as another puppy came out of her. But before she could clean this one yet another contraction hit and she was grunting hoarsely as she gave birth to a third puppy.

When her son and his family arrived two days later a Christmas tree was in place along with three puppies with red bows around their necks. "Oh Grandma," the kids exclaimed, "how did you know we wanted puppies for Christmas?"
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It was deemed un-airable for American audiences, but the "Fear Factor" segment that featured contestants challenged to drink a glass of donkey semen and a glass of donkey urine recently aired on Danish television, reports TMZ.

The episode, "Hee Haw! Hee Haw!," was initially scheduled to air on Jan. 30, before NBC executives decided to pull it at the last moment.

It was a decision that likely didn't shock the show's host Joe Rogan, who hinted at the stunt, and the possibility that it may be too gross to air, in an interview with The Huffington Post in December 2011.

"The biggest example, I can't tell you unfortunately because they haven't even decided whether or not they're gonna air it. It's really that crazy," Rogan explained.

"I got there and they told me what we were gonna do, and I just started laughing like, 'There's no way. That's not really gonna happen. Wait, is that really gonna happen?' [Laughs] I wish I could tell you. NBC's still looking at the footage going, 'Uhhhh, can we do that?' There's gonna be a lot of people that are going to be upset -- it really is ridiculous."

The stunt, which involves a woman drinking a 24-ounce glass of donkey semen while her twin sister downs a glass of donkey urine, was somehow cool with Danish television execs, who chose to air the episode this week.

Watch at your own risk.
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Is nice to Know there is People that care!
We love Animals and Respect all the Law.
In Mexico Beastiality is Legal as in Other Countries.
It is sad that people Do not take care of their pets as we do.
We love all our pets.
We have a farm in Mexico and have vets that look over all our pets.
we pick up lost pets and put them up for adoption.
Please note i will post some links in the Future on News regarding Pets.
We do not used the words  beasXXXX or  ZooXXXXX.
We used Pet Care Givers.

Thank you!,

Please add your Comments and Links.

Love you!

Cindy Wolf.
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Berlin is reportedly close to passing a law explicitly banning bestiality, Ynet has learned.

The legislation campaign against zoophilia was launched after animal rights groups and tabloid newspapers pushed for existing legislation to be clarified.

Germany legalized bestiality in 1969, except when the animal suffered "significant harm."

But not all are in agreement: Michael Kiok, chairman of the pressure group Zoophile Engagement for Tolerance and Information (Zeta), said his group would fight the amendment.

"It is unthinkable that any sexual act with an animal is punished without proof that the animal has come to any harm," he said.

According to Kiok "Animals are capable of showing what they do, or do not, want to do.

"We see animals as partners and not as a means of gratification. We don't force them to do anything. Animals are much easier to understand than women."

Full Story Here
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A BUS driver has been given athree-year suspended sentence in a buggery case described by Circuit Court Judge Carroll Moran as "socially repugnant - even in these tolerant times". Sean McDonnell (58) of Churchill Meadows, Raheen, was convicted of the charge of buggery with an Alsatian on October 7, 2008 after a woman was "found in an unresponsive state" after she had sex with a dog owned by Mr McDonnell. The mother of three was pronounced dead in hospital later that night. Limerick Circuit Court heardthat the father of three had posted messages regarding bestiality on the internet throughwhich he encountered the woman. A laptop computer owned by Mr McDonnell was found to have accessed a bestiality website with over 1.5million hits in a five month period. This, Judge Carroll Moran said, was a "shocking" aggravating factor in the case. When the woman became unresponsive during the sexual activity, Mr McDonnell called the emergency services. Dr Aine Moran pronounced the woman dead at the Mid Western Regional hospital but a post-mortem carried out by Dr MariaCassidy was unable to determine an exact cause of death.

The court previously heard that Mr McDonnell's name was added to the register of sex offenders' and any person on the register is disqualified from having a haulage licence for avehicle which carries more than nine people. This, the judge said, along with the "enormous adverse publicity", was severe punishment for the accused. During the sentencing hearing last week, Judge Carroll Moran said that even in these "tolerant times", acts of bestiality were considered "socially repugnant".

Full story here
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