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While the commercial is old some think this add staring Maxwell the pig supports bestiality what do you think
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Some pet owners in Portland, Maine found an interesting way to spend Valentine's Day last Thursday, according to Oddity Central. Dogs and their owners engaged in a kissing contest with each other—yes, a cross-species kissing contest. It may sound like bestiality but it was really just the 9th Annual Valentine's Day Dog Kissing Contest in which owners let their canines lick their face with the longest smooch declared the winner.
As reported by the Huffington Post, the winning couple this year was Beau, a 12-year-old Yorkie and dachshund mix named Beau, and his owner Linda Walton. Timed at 45.8 seconds, they were the clear victors, with second place going to Staffordshire terrier Sunny and owner Casey Mountain who only lasted 16.8 seconds, while Django and owner Erik Boucher came in third with a 11.7 second kiss.
The entry fee for the competition is $5 and the grand prize is a $75 gift certificate for the Planet Dog Store, which sponsors the contest. The prizes may be modest, but with all that love who needs money; besides the proceeds go to charity.
As much fun as it may sound, owners might want to hold off on practicing with Rover for next year's contest. According to doctors, an "animal's mouth can host a lot of bacteria". Although there may not be too much danger is getting a big wet one from man's best friend, owners should be careful not to make a habit of kissing a pooch whose mouth is not being cleaned regularly.
As wacky as this may seem, everyone can think of worse ways to spend Valantine's Day than kissing a dog
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hello and thanks for the site you are pretty cool
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