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There are several news items on this blog that involve abuse. I'd like to add some opinion to keep things in perspective.

Just as with non-zoo sexuality abuse cannot be avoided as there will always those I consider deranged. But all of the zoo's I know simply love their animal companions. They care well for them and would defend them with their lives, just like their companions would defend them. When I look into those deep dark eyes of my pony I see beauty and feel love. Indeed I sometimes also feel desire, as does (s)he. When we are both in the mood we play. It would be odd to use restrains, be it for play, grooming, clipping hooves or pretty much anything else. When I offer a treat it is carefully nibbled from between my fingers by soft lips. There's mutual trust, respect, love and desire.

Zoophilia may be abhorred and banned by those that lack the courage to look over horizons. But I want to make absolutely clear that zoophilia has little to do with animal abuse. Like many zoo's in Germany I find it odd that a community that industrially produces animals for meat, usually with little attention for their quality of their sort lives, or that uses animals to test drugs or even cosmetics, is to accuse animal lovers (and I stress that last word) of abuse.